Sunday, 22 November 2009

Expo'09 @McFarm - Friday

The Expo'09: Agriculture and Agri-food was launched by our beloved His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei last thursday. McFarm is the largest agricultural site in the country (so far). Before it was operated by the Japanese and recently they handed it over back to Brunei this year.

Veterinary Lab Services exhibition section: On the 2nd day of the Expo, I helped my former colleagues on duty that day. It was fun! Hehe.

Front view: Exhibition booth of my former work place, the Veterinary Laboratory Services.
I missed my old job...:)

Visitors on tractor, going for the mini zoo area. I walked together with my fiance under the hot sun. It was hot but I'm glad we walked, don't wanna miss any great shots opportunity. Hehe.

There's an Ostrich! A curious ostrich actually. Seriously, this is my first time seeing an ostrich alive. Hehe.

And first time seeing a pink and any other colorful chicks!

This place is HUGE!!!
I walked downhill, uphill, and almost covering every perimeter of the expo site.


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